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As a member of Comfort Systems, USA (CSUSA), Mtech is highly committed to the safety of each of our employees. We consider each and every person a member of the Mtech family. We are involved in a comprehensive safety program that has been designed by CSUSA to exceed the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA's 10 hour training process. All field technicians have their OSHA 10 and construction foreman have their OSHA 30.

CSUSA maintains an independent safety and human resource division that is headed up by Chris Waid. The CSUSA business area has been separated into three geographical sections, corporate, regional and local, due to the extensive size of the company and locations throughout the United States. Mtech's local safety coordinator, Ed Neal, manages the CSUSA safety program. The safety coordinator encompasses areas of responsibility in training and certifying, as well as inspection and accident investigation as related to safety.

Mtech and Comfort Systems USA alike believe that safety needs to be equal in quality of work and financial success. 

Mtech has been honored with the following awards:

  • Safety Director of the Year 2015 
  • Premier Safety Performance 2011 and 2012
  • Outstanding Safety Performance 2013

"We at Mtech truly value the safety of all our employees, for safety in the workplace is the key to a happy and successful working environment."

Pictured receiving the award: Ed Neal - 2015 Safety Director